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Note to Teachers, Parents, Tutors and Others (That Have a Learner They Care About)

Audio files are provided for the reader’s convenience and to enhance comprehension. The chapters can be read, listened to, or both! There is also a video provided at the conclusion of each chapter. Tips and strategies for managing personal learning are provided. The only exception is Video A1, which is an overall introduction to the entire program and is intended for learners as well as teachers, parents, and other caregivers. QR codes and URL links provided at the end of each chapter direct the reader to specially embedded pages on the website “FutureLooping.com”, where specific and relevant resource materials, along with videos and audio files, can be accessed. Text information for each of the Clever Quick sections, survey forms and other supplementary resources are included via the links at the end of relevant chapters. “Fast track” and other pacing options are also included via the link found at the end of Chapter 1. Thank you for investing your time and energy in the upcoming generations and the future leaders of our planet.

FutureLoop: Life in Fast Forward is a story that follows episodes in the life of a boy named Caleb. Caleb is a student who initially struggles with learning. Through a series of remarkable events, he gets his life on track and becomes very successful. The material that helps him is a video and text program entitled Clever Quick. This is a program that provides access to ‘management of learning’ strategies intended mainly for students in Intermediate through Junior High grade levels. There is a separate program, entitled Clever Quotient, which is intended for students in upper high school levels through all adult ages, that builds on the learning foundation provided here. Because this Clever Quick program provides the foundation for the learning of these skills, FutureLoop: Life in Fast Forward can also be used by young adults, or people of any age, as an introduction to the concepts. It provides a first step, useful to develop basic understanding prior to embarking on the senior high/adult version.

Clever Quick is an acronym. The individual letters represent the following components of the program:


Learning tasks

End-in-mind thinking

Variety and balance

Educational setting

Review and reward

Questioning sources

Understanding information

Informing others

Coding for memory

Knowledge displayed

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