FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward

Chapter 21 Resources, Learner's Edition

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Chapter 21 Audio

Chapter 21 Video

Independent Study Activities: Chapter 21 • NAVI

N (novel connection): In this chapter Blace says, “So, if you were to note a main point of ‘futurelooping’, it would be this: Since the future is alterable, you should always examine your actions and consider making positive adjustments that would make life on this planet better for all. No action is too small.” Explain your understanding of this and give an example of an action that you or your family could take.

A (activity for CQ): Complete Survey FL7 and your review of CLEVER QUICK. Put your completed survey and review notes into your Survey Binder.

V (vocabulary chapter 22): incremental; wonderment; retorted; discerning; anomalies.

I (interesting/fun idea): Blace advises to show respect to others, especially those that are not exactly like you. If you were to follow this advice, what are some things that you can do in your school or home environment to practice this?

Chapter 21 Additional Resources

Along with the optional video and audio files that go with chapter 21, access to other resources are also provided here, as well as via a link to the full set of APPENDICES.

Appendices for FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward