FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward

Chapter 20 Resources, Learner's Edition

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Appendices for FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward

Independent Study Activities: Chapter 20 • NAVI

N (novel connection): Caleb did very well on his presentation to the class. Contrast his feelings from this chapter with those he expressed toward his schoolwork in chapter 1.

A (activity for CQ): Review all the points in the K section of QUICK, with an upcoming test in mind. Make it a goal to use the strategies as soon as you can.

V (vocabulary chapter 21): icebreaker; bemused; resemblance; perceptive; ironic; relative.

I (interesting/fun idea): A well-known way of sending a distress signal is to send an ‘SOS’. If you ever became lost in the wilderness, what are some ways that you could signal that you were in distress and needed help?

Along with the optional video and audio files that go with chapter 20, access to other resources are also provided here, as well as via a link to the full set of APPENDICES.

Chapter 20 Additional Resources