FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward

Chapter 1 Resources, Learner's Edition

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At the end of each chapter, there are videos and resources that specifically go with the chapter that you have just completed reading. Contained on this page is the optional video that goes with chapter 1, along with the audio file if you wish to listen to the text of the chapter. Other optional resources are also included.

Chapter 1 Video

Chapter 1 Audio

Independent Study Activities: NAVIs

•What is a NAVI? For the purposes of FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward, a NAVI is an acronym that stands for: Novel (connection), Activity (for CLEVER QUICK), Vocabulary (to prepare for the upcoming chapter), and Interesting (or fun idea). There is a NAVI supplied for each chapter.

•That NAVI acronym was chosen not only because the letters captured just the right activities, but also because of the following: 1. Navi is apparently a short form for ‘satellite navigation’, which is a system for guiding people to their destinations; 2. In gameplay terms, Navi functions primarily as a guide that points out clues in the environment and helps the player learn the controls and advance in the game; 3. Navi is a name of South Asian origin that means ‘kind to people’; and 4. In English the word is apparently usually translated as ‘prophet’, which has a connotation of someone who is able to predict the future. Wow, these definitions really serve our purpose well!

•We want you to be successful as you work through FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward and watch the videos. Take the time to consider each of the following. The activities will help you focus on what some of the main points are as well as allow you to stay on top of relevant vocabulary. The NAVI for each chapter will present a list of vocabulary for the following chapter. Get in the habit of skimming the lists. If you are somewhat familiar with each of the words, that is all you need to do. If there are any words that you’re not sure of, it would be worthwhile to look up the definitions, either in a paper dictionary or on-line. If you encounter other unfamiliar words in your reading, make note of them and look up their meanings.

Chapter 1 • NAVI

N (novel connection):
Look back at the introductory pages in FutureLoop: Fulfilling Potential. Read the ‘dedication’ and decide what message(s) the author is trying to get readers to think about.
A (activity for CQ): How would you define a ‘successful’ life?
V (vocabulary chapter 1 and 2): helium-3; black hole; galaxy; refractions; old growth forest; goatee; psychic; exotic; regimen; trance.
I (interesting/fun idea): If someone was describing your interests, what would they say?

Chapter 1 Additional Resources

Appendices for FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward

Along with the optional video and audio files that go with chapter 1, access to other resources are also provided here, as well as via a link to the full set of APPENDICES.