FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward

Chapter 17 Resources, Mentor's Edition

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Included here is an optional audio file which you may wish to listen to as you read the chapter. Once you have completed reading the chapter, please watch Video A17, Informing others, from the CLEVER QUICK series and review the related text information in Appendix “B” which will provide a useful supplement to assist in your consideration of the points presented. In the event that the video is not able to be accessed, a careful reading of the text notes will provide the necessary strategies for your success. Also, you are invited to complete the NAVI activities for this chapter, found in Appendix “D”.

Chapter 17 Audio

Chapter 17 Video

Follow this link to the resource page for this chapter in the Learner's Edition. Included are links to the full digital on-line version of the appendices.