Appendix ‘F’: Introduction to CLEVER QUOTIENT

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• Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be more successful in their learning and in life?

• What if there was a series of strategies that a person could learn that would assure them of success?

• Would you be interested in finding out more, either for yourself or for someone you care about?

• If yes, be ready for a transformation.

• The essential strategies for success with learning and life management have been prepared, refined, and organized.

• They are in a text and video series called CLEVER QUOTIENT.

Welcome to CLEVER QUOTIENT and FutureLoop 2: Expanding Possibilities.

If you are familiar with the program entitled CLEVER QUICK and FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward, you will note that there are similarities. It is the foundation that this program is built upon. FutureLoop 2: Expanding Possibilities is the sequel to the earlier novel, with characters based in their senior year of high school. A number of the topic headings are the same, but the content and strategies go into greater depth and sophistication. This level of the management of learning information is intended for upper secondary school through college, university, and all adult levels. If you are younger, or you are quite unfamiliar with the concepts involved with managing your learning, you may benefit from perusing FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward and the CLEVER QUICK programs prior to embarking on this program. CLEVER QUOTIENT is a personal learning and life management text and video series, by Rick and Rika Gibbs.

We are Rick and Rika Gibbs, former school principals from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Our work in the public schools of British Columbia, Canada, as teachers and school principals connected us with up-to-date learning research and put us on the forefront of effective practices for learning management.

We have seen and experienced many strategies and have been able to distill the most essential. Now after several years of consolidating and focusing essential learning for the benefit of youth in leadership camp settings, we have prepared video and text materials to give everyone access to this wisdom. If you are a learner, these materials are for you. To be successful, to survive, and to thrive in this world, we must all be learners, so this material is for everyone.

The CLEVER QUOTIENT program is delivered within the context of the novel FutureLoop 2: Expanding Possibilities. An engaging story will direct you and the characters through interactions with each of the topic areas. The CLEVER part of CLEVER QUOTIENT deals with increasing the capacity of the individual to be in the best position to learn to their potential, through the development of effective habits and strategies. The QUOTIENT part deals with the input, the processing, and the output of information. There are a set of videos which outline this advanced set of information. The videos are referenced via the novel FutureLoop 2: Expanding Possibilities. Supporting text information and checklists are included in the appendices and on the website While it will be useful to follow the characters as they deal with the information, it is not essential. As with CLEVER QUICK, there will be a “Fast Track” system that will allow you to delve straight into the areas of learning that will be most useful for your individual circumstances. This system can be found in the appendices of FutureLoop 2: Expanding Possibilities. If you do choose to do the “Fast Track” system, it would be beneficial to consider reading the novel afterwards and reviewing all the topics. This will consolidate your learning and set it within a proper context for future growth.

The term CLEVER QUOTIENT is an acronym. Each letter in this title represents a part of the overall system of management for your learning and your life. What do the letters C.L.E.V.E.R. Q.U.O.T.I.E.N.T. stand for?


You will learn strategies for achieving success within the context of your study setting, whether it be in a classroom, a home, or a work environment. One’s “circle of influence” is defined, and proactive steps are taken to set up the context for learning.


You will learn to define and organize the tasks necessary for your learning. These identified items are prioritized and set within the context of family, home, work and other responsibilities.


You will learn how to define and set short-term and long-term goals. Writing a personal “mission statement” and setting life-time goals are also focused on, within a context of being principle-centered.


You will learn to organize activities and plan short-term while maintaining a healthy balance of events. Weekly schedules are encouraged that promote putting “first things first”, keeping variety in your week, and balancing the demands of learning, work, family, friends, and activities.


You will learn to organize for maximum success in your classroom, office, or home-learning setting. Core habits are emphasized that promote win-win situations, guiding as you seek first to understand, then to be understood. Taking advantage of the synergy of working collaboratively with others is also included as a topic.


Evaluate and reward your progress while moving forward. Emphasized is the concept of “renewal” where you evaluate where you are currently and make plans for growth in all areas, including physical, mental, and social-emotional.


Learn to critically evaluate all information encountered. This focuses on areas of academic learning, but also branches into areas of life learning, giving you tools to identify fake news as well as scams of many varieties. With all the misinformation that is being spread at this time, especially on social media, the strategies learned in “Q” are more vital now than ever before.


Learn strategies to ensure full understanding of information that comes your way, whether it be verbal, in writing, or in some other form of presentation.


Learn ways to organize information for maximizing retention, whether it be for tasks in your life or work setting, or for success with tests and exams.


Learn ways to convey information effectively to others. Once you understand the material you have encountered, it is time to pass along that learning. Strategies are reviewed for the successful passing on of ideas, thoughts, and points of view, in writing, orally, and in all variety of presentation formats, including exams.


Learn strategies to maximize effectiveness when confronting new learning, interacting with others to create a synergistic situation, and offering leadership. Characteristics of successful people and great leaders are focused on. This program will also assist you in helping others to benefit from these strategies and approaches to life. You are part of a much greater world. Connect with and help those you care about. Join us in spreading the ideas and strategies contained in CLEVER QUOTIENT. Inspire and develop those you encounter to have the most satisfying, effective, and beneficial lives possible. This is what ultimately creates a sustainable network for learning that will take us all into a successful future.

Being “clever” denotes having a certain intelligent wisdom. You don't just have a lot of smarts; you know how to use your wisdom and grow. A quotient is a rating scale that serves to measure effectiveness. Strive to have a high “Clever Quotient”. You are probably familiar with the term “Intelligence Quotient” or IQ. In recent years, that has been joined by references to “Emotional Intelligence”, or EI, otherwise known as “Emotional Quotient”, or EQ. We’re adding a “Clever Quotient” to the mix, or CQ! With a high CQ you will have all the tools you need to manage a lifetime of learning and living. Your future potential will be unlimited.

This program is guaranteed to transform your learning management. Going beyond the classroom learning steps first introduced in CLEVER QUICK and the novel FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward, strategies are introduced that are intended to make you successful beyond the classroom and into the “lifetime learning” venues of offices, job sites, community facilities and home environments. CLEVER QUOTIENT also provides additional strategies and approaches that will solidify the learning strategies you already use. Your understanding will be developed as you learn of the characteristics and habits of successful people and great leaders. Your life will be transformed, expanding your effectiveness and influence in society.

Behind every successful adult are strategies that to some seem like secrets. Our aim is to share those secrets. CLEVER QUOTIENT contains strategies that will transform you into an incredibly effective person. Success in your learning will open up unlimited career opportunities. You will be on track for overwhelming success in life. You will realize your grandest dreams while leading a healthy, balanced life. Join us for an exciting journey through the CLEVER QUOTIENT text and video series and EXPAND YOUR POSSIBILITIES!

Based on educational materials authored by Rick and Rika Gibbs