Appendix "E" Program Pacing "Fast Track" Option for FutureLoop Fulfilling Potential: Life in Fast Forward

A: “Fast-Track” Option

This is an approach that has much flexibility, able to be adapted to your needs and your individual circumstances.
1. Watch Video A1. This is an overview of the whole program and outlines briefly what instructional category each of the letters in C.L.E.V.E.R. Q.U.I.C.K. stand for.
2. Decide which area(s) would be most beneficial for your individual circumstances.
3. Select the Student Surveys that correlate to those specific letters. If you’re at all unsure about which surveys to complete, it would be best to do all of them (except FL7, which is for review and evaluation at the end of the experience). The Student Surveys are all found in Appendix “C” of FutureLoop: Fulfilling Potential. For your convenience, the List of Program Videos, found just before Chapter 1 of the narrative, will direct you to the page in the book where each video is referenced. FL1=C (Concentration), FL2=L (Learning Tasks) and E (End-in-mind Thinking), FL3=V (Variety and Balance), FL4=E (Educational Setting), R (Review and Reward) and Q (Questioning Sources), FL5=U (Understanding Information) and I (Informing Others), FL6=C (Coding for Memory) and K (Knowledge Displayed).
4. Before embarking on the selected surveys, watch Video A2 which will give you some general directions for completing each of the surveys.
5. Go ahead and complete your responses to each of the surveys you have selected. As noted in the directions, place a star next to any items on which you scored a 1, 2 or 3. For each of these items, look across to the far right column and see which video is noted for that item. Circle the numbers of the videos selected in this manner.
6. Watch the videos that have been recommended for you through the above procedure. You may also benefit from reading the accompanying text description in the Appendix that corresponds. Text information for each of the letters in CLEVER is in Appendix A. Text information for each of the letters in QUICK is in Appendix B.
7. Once you have completed the specific video and text parts related to a particular letter, locate the checklist at the end of the text portion for that letter in the appendices. Go through the checklist to evaluate your understanding of what you have learned.
8. In the event that the videos are not able to be accessed, a careful reading of the corresponding text notes in the appendices, and/or the appropriate survey, will provide for success.
9. If you haven’t been following along in FutureLoop: Fulfilling Potential, but you wanted to find the chapter related to a particular topic, check out the List of Program Videos, found just before Chapter 1 of the narrative. You will be directed to the page in the book where each video is referenced. For your information, some chapters have the characters working with the concepts, strategies, and ideas quite extensively, while there is only a passing reference in other chapters. Some of the chapters serve more of the purpose of building the ‘world’ of the novel and developing the characters to create the overall context for the entire CLEVER QUICK program.
10. Another area to explore is Appendix “D”, which lists “Independent Study Activities” or NAVIs, as they are known in FutureLoop: Fulfilling Potential. These are a series of CLEVER QUICK activities that would be useful to complete. You can skim through all 22 of the NAVIs to give you some idea of what you could do that would be helpful for your learning, or you could go to the specific chapters that matched your survey results and the videos you watched.
11. FL7 is a complete review and evaluation of the CLEVER QUICK program. Complete this survey when you are satisfied that you have explored each of the sections of CLEVER QUICK and FutureLoop: Fulfilling Potential that you felt you needed. This review will be a final check. If you find that you need a refresher on any part, take the time to go back and locate the relevant section(s) for further study.
12. Congratulations on taking the time to invest in your future! Best wishes for continued success!